Global Power: India's Foreign Policy, 1947-2006

by B. M. Jain

Book cover for Global Power: India's Foreign Policy, 1947-2006

This book examines India as a rising global power by reevaluating its foreign policy and relations from the Nehru period to the present through an analytical framework constructed from Indian foreign policy and the processes of globalization and regionalization. Global Power describes the economic, scientific, technological, and nuclear gains that have been made by India, reaffirming its status as a major actor on the international scene.
The book presents a fundamental reappraisal of the ever-changing relationship between India and other major and regional powers, paying special attention to its relationships with China and Pakistan. It seeks to shed light on Indian foreign policy's goals as they relate to both national and international interests, all the while keeping within the context of India's multiethnic, mulitcultural, multilingual society.

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