Military reading list news

R141456ZFEB24: Navy 2022 list available!

I've added the 2022 Navy reading list. The 2022 revision has 12 books and most of them are new material. "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" is a perennial that's still on there though!


R131328ZFEB24: 2024 Air Force listed posted

The 2024 Air Force list is available. Just two books, but anyhow, there it is!


R081510ZNOV18: 2018 Air Force list posted

The 2018 Air Force reading list is posted! Some carryovers from last year, but some interesting new material as well such as Kevin Kelly's The Inevitable. Enjoy!


R120224ZJUL18: 2018 Navy list posted!

The 2018 Navy reading list is up! Lots of overlap from last year, and some duplication between sections, but a huge list full of good stuff. Enjoy!


R091545ZJUN18: CENTCOM list posted!

Gen Votel's CENTCOM reading list posted! A short list, but some new selections in the "Understanding the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility" section. Enjoy!


R080136ZMAY18: New version of PACOM reading list

There's a new Pacific Command reading list! Short list but there are a few novels on there that are appearing for the first time on any list. Enjoy!


R182357ZMAR18: DIA list posted!

The 2018 Defense Intelligence Agency list is up! Mostly classics, but some new material including To Lose A Battle by Alistair Horne. Enjoy!


R200117ZFEB18: 2018 Coast Guard list posted!

I've added the 2018 USCG reading list! This is the first list that I've seen that has Adm McRaven's Make Your Bed. Enjoy!


R180300ZJAN18: British Army reading list posted!

The British Army reading list is up! A sizeable list - 127 selections - it's a solid collection of classics and newer material like Zetter's Countdown to Zero Day. Enjoy!


R150017ZDEC17: 2017 Air Force list posted!

The 2017 Air Force reading list is posted! Ben Rich's Skunk Works is a holdover from 2016, must be a good one. Enjoy!


R090315ZDEC17: 2017 Army list posted!

The 2017 U. S. Army reading list is up! It's a solid list of 110+ books. Khanna's Connectography shows up again, as well as new material such as George Friedman's Flashpoints. Enjoy!


R280436ZAUG17: Army G-2 list posted!

Here's the 2016 Army G-2 reading list! Some overlaps with the CIA reading list and some classics there, but some interesting new material such as Erik Durschmied's How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History: The Hinge Factor. Enjoy!


R050137ZAUG17: Older USCG list revision posted

Here's one from the archives - I found the Dec 1997 USCG reading list! Interesting to see what was recommended 20 years ago. Junger's A Perfect Storm is on there and he's still getting selected for modern lists. Enjoy!


R201341ZJUL17: DAU SciTech list posted

I've added the Defense Acquisition University Science and Tech reading list! I like the looks of Spiro's R&D is War. Enjoy!


R250218ZMAY17: USMC 2017 list posted!

The 2017 USMC reading list is out! Mostly classics, but a few new selections, including Jadick's On Call in Hell. Enjoy!


R040018ZMAY17: U. S. Armor School list posted!

Here's the U. S. Armor School reading list! There are some interesting new selections, mostly (as one would expect) around tank warfare. Enjoy!


R060037ZAPR17: Brigadier Mick Ryan's reading list posted!

I've added Bridadier Mick Ryan's reading list! This is one of the few individual lists I've found, and has some interesting new selections. This is the first time I've seen Haldeman's The Forever War on a list here. And Ghost Fleet makes another appearance. Enjoy!


R122257ZMAR17: New Navy reading list posted!

I've added the 2017 Navy reading list! This is a massive new list - 161 selections - with lots of new material. Most of the books in the 'Fast Learning' section were new to me. Enjoy!


R210305ZFEB17: Army ASA list posted!

I've added the Army Advanced Situational Awareness reading list. This list has a ton of new material and a lot of it is pretty heavy psychology / human behavior stuff. Non-verbal communication, persuasion, etc... interesting stuff, enjoy!


R010318ZFEB17: USMC Intel list posted!

I've added the USMC Director of Intelligence reading list! Lots of new material here, including one that sells itself with the title - How to Lie with Maps. Enjoy!


R230338ZJAN17: Army Intel Center of Excellence list posted!

I've posted the Army Intelligence Center of Excellence reading list! This is from 2014 and is mostly classics, but I haven't seen A Tactical Ethic before. A surprise was not seeing anything by Keegan on here. Anyhow, enjoy!


R130007ZJAN17: IBOLC reading list

Here's the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course reading ilst. Mostly classics but a few new items, such as The Outpost. Enjoy!


R200422ZDEC16: U. S. Army South list posted!

Here's the U. S. Army South reading list! Quite a short list - just seven books - but only one book, Skidmore's Modern Latin America, has been on any list here. Enjoy!


R030123ZDEC16: US Joint Forces Afghanistan pre-deployment reading list

Here's the US Joint Forces Afghanistan pre-deployment reading list! The three sections have a fair bit of overlap, and most of these are books that have been seen here before, but there are a few selections that are new. 6 Nightmares: The Real Threats to American Security looks interesting. Enjoy!



The Army Chief of Infantry reading list is posted! It's from 2009 and is mostly a collection of classics. I hadn't seen The Tunnels of Cu Chi before though. Enjoy!


R190218ZOCT16: New Joint Force Staff College list posted!

The Joint Forces Staff College reading list for 2016 is up! Mostly classics, but The Guns Of Independence is a new one here. Enjoy!


R132209ZOCT16: New Pacific Command list posted!

I've added the latest Pacific Command reading list!. Some new material there, including Connectography which is appearing here for the first time. And Ghost Fleet makes another appearance! Enjoy!


R042329ZOCT16: General Satterfield's list added!

I've added General Douglas Satterfield's reading list! From his site The Leader Maker comes a fine selection of classics as well as some books that haven't appeared here before. I'm looking forward to reading the books by Tony Dungy that he recommends. Enjoy!


R240230ZSEP16: NORAD list added!

I've added the NORAD reading list! More specifically, this is the 2007 NORAD/NORTHCOM command senior enlisted reading list. Some interesting selections - I was surprised to see The Great Influenza on there. Enjoy!


R232103ZAUG16: Lt Gen Mattis' reading list

I've added Lt. Gen. Mattis' reading list! This is an older list - from 2007 - but has a variety of classic selections like Pressfield's Gates of Fire and Bing West's The Village. There are also a few on there that I hadn't seen before, such as Herzog's The Arab-Israeli Wars. This is a solid list from a man who had an amazing career. Enjoy!


R290001ZJUL16: Latest STRATCOM reading list

I've added the latest revision of the U.S. Strategic Command reading list! This is largely the same as last year's list with a few additions - most notably Ghost Fleet which has been popping up all over lately. Enjoy!



I've added the Joint Special Operations University Cybersecurity reading list! This has a bunch of new selections, including Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg and some interesting selections on counterattacks. Enjoy!



I've added the Army Office of Business Transformation reading list; a small list but interesting to see what they've got there. Kotter's Leading Change makes an appearance here, as it should. Enjoy!


R180255ZMAY16: Air Force 2016 list added!

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force 2016 reading list is out and posted here now! As with past CSAF lists this is a small one, but some interesting new selections that haven't shown up on other lists - like Laqueur's Putinism. Enjoy!


R140151ZMAY16: CHDS list added

I've added the Center for Homeland Defense and Security reading list. It's not exactly a military list per se, but it seemed close enough. There are a few new selections on there; seems like interesting stuff, enjoy!


R020416ZMAY16: USMC 2016 list added!

The 2016 USMC reading list is here! There are tons of books, quite a bit of new material and some completely new sections. Enjoy!


R162226ZAPR16: U.S. Army Cyber Command list added

The U.S. Army Cyber Command reading list is a small one, but it's interesting to see what the they was important in 2011. I couldn't find any newer revisions; if you can, please let me know!


R290423ZMAR16: Defense Acquisition University list posted!

Another new list - the Defense Acquisition University reading list! As one would expect, it's got mostly new selections, including one that's sold me on the title alone - Engineers of Victory. Enjoy!


R170243ZMAR16: Coast Guard 2016 list posted!

The January 2016 Coast Guard reading list is a short one, but good stuff. The prolific P.W. Singer's "Ghost Fleet" is on this list; enjoy!


R040301ZMAR16: MCPON list added!

I've added the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy reading list! This list has 75 books with lots of new material, enjoy!


R020227ZMAR16: 8th Army Reading List added

I've added the 8th Army Reading list! There's a lot of overlap with the U.S. Forces Korea reading list, but still, a few new selections there. Enjoy!


R130157ZFEB16: 2007 Air Force list backfilled

I've backfilled the USAF reading list revision from 2007, enjoy!


R172046ZJAN16: CIA reading list added!

The CIA reading list is a massive new list - 147 books! - that's almost all new material. Lots of great stuff here, from OSS history to spies and traitors to retrospectives from Russian spymasters. Enjoy!


R240455ZDEC15: 2014 Navy list added!

I had missed the 2014 release of the Navy reading list; posted now! It's somewhat similar to the 2012 list but has been tightened up considerable and contains some new selections, like Jason Redman's The Trident. Enjoy!


R170614ZDEC15: AFRICOM list posted!

I've added the AFRICOM reading list! This massive list contains 131 selections and most of it is new material here. Enjoy!


R300342ZNOV15: Naval War College War Gaming reading list posted

I've added the Naval War College War Gaming reading list! This contains a bunch of new selections; lots of books that haven't appeared on any other lists. It's pretty specific to war gaming, as expected, but still, interesting new stuff!


R200416ZNOV15: US Forces Korea list

I've added the U.S. Forces Korea reading list! It's got a variety of interesting regional selections as well as some old classics like "This Kind of War". Enjoy!


R131902ZNOV15: USSOCOM 2014 list added

The backfill of the 2014 USSOCOM list is up now.


R130554ZNOV15: Backfilling USSOCOM lists

Here's the backfill of the 2015 USSOCOM list, enjoy!


R110341ZNOV15: USSOCOM list added!

We've had the SOCOM Pacific list on here for a while, but I recently came across the USSOCOM reading list and so here it is! There are a couple of new selections; this is the first time I've seen Mazetti's "The Way of the Knife" on any list. Enjoy!


R021739ZNOV15: Still another Army CAC list

I've added another Army Combined Arms Center list, this time for the Department of Command and Leadership. Lots of Harvard Business Review articles along with some books that have shown up on other lists, e.g., Fullan's Leading in a Culture of Change.


R180521ZJUL15: 2015 Coast Guard list posted!

The 2015 USCG reading list is posted! It's a small list and several of the selections are old favorites from other lists, but interesting to see that Chernow's "Alexander Hamilton" still makes the cut. Enjoy!


R091340ZMAY15: 2015 STRATCOM list posted!

The 2015 US Strategic Command list is out! It's a short one, but there are a few books that haven't appeared on other lists, like L. David Marquet's "Turn the Ship Around". Enjoy!


R070218ZAPR15: Another Army CAC list

This one a very small list from the CAC Center for Army Leadership, but even this one has a few new selections. Enjoy!


R112248ZMAR15: USMA list posted!

I hadn't come across this list before, but the USMA list is a good one - lots of books including a couple of solid top 10 lists. Enjoy!


R192319ZFEB15: CSAF 2015 list posted!

The small - but good! - CSAF list's 2015 revision is out. Pete Blaber's "The Mission, The Men, and Me" is on there, enjoy!


R100020ZDEC14: US Army Engineer School list posted

A new list for the collection! The US Army Engineer School has a bunch of new selections including "Existential Pleasures of Engineering" and "To Engineer is Human". Enjoy!


R270426ZOCT14: US Army Africa list posted

Just posted a very short list - but a new list all the same - the US Army Africa reading list . Enjoy!


R231234ZSEP14: SOCPAC list posted

Just posted the Special Operations Command, Pacific reading list. Many classics but quite a bit of new material also. I couldn't figure out when the list was published so I put it down as Jan 2014, if anyone knows for sure please let me know!


R162224ZSEP14: Combat Studies Institute list posted!

Just posted a huge new list from the Combat Studies Institute. It's got a staggering 383 books, with lots of old favorites and quite a bit of new material also. I say "new material" even though the list was published in 1995. Enjoy!


R262205ZJUL14: University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Favorite Reads posted!

Another new list, this one from the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies. A small list with only 13 selections, but some new stuff there. Enjoy!


R190356ZJUL14: US Army Maneuver Center of Excellent list posted!

Another completely new list - this time from the US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. Many old favorites and a few new ones, like Poole's "Tactics of the Crescent Moon". Enjoy!


R062200ZJUN14: US Army War College list available!

This was a recent find and this is only the Army War College 2004 revision; more to come! Lots of stuff that's new to the corpus and a few old favorites; Max Boot's "Savage Wars of Peace" racks up another appearance. Enjoy!


R050021ZJUN14: TRADOC NCO list posted

I've posted the US Army Training and Doctrine Command's NCO reading list. It's a short list but there's mostly new material on there. Enjoy!


R180454ZMAR14: Congressman Skelton's list posted

I've added Congressman Ike Skelton's reading list! A fair number of old favorites on here - nice to see "Defeat Into Victory" make it onto another list - and quite a few new ones, including a book on Daniel Boone. Wikipedia says that Skelton was a distant relation of Daniel Boone; who knew? Enjoy!


R110224ZMAR14: EUCOM list added!

I've added the US European Command reading list! This is a great list with over one hundred selections. The Russian classics - Dead Souls, Crime and Punishment - are especially nice to see. Enjoy!


R251954ZFEB14: Latest JFSC lists added

I've added the latest JFSC list revisions; it's a short list but some good stuff on there. I also filled in an earlier list revision, and you can see all past reading list revisions here. Enjoy!


R182339ZFEB14: New Air Force Chief of Staff list posted!

A small list, but the 2014 CSAF list contains several new selections including Bellavia's "House to House" and Eric Blehm's "Fearless". Good stuff!


R152328ZFEB14: New Army Chief of Staff reading list revision!

I've posted a new revision of the Army reading list! A fine mix of classics like "Supplying War" and "Makers of Modern Strategy" with some interesting new picks like Brown's "Kevlar Legions". Enjoy!


R120533ZFEB14: New STRATCOM list posted!

The latest STRATCOM list is up! Some imports from other lists like "WIred For War" are here, and also some interesting new selections like Robert Stanke's "Stormjammers". Enjoy!


R080306ZFEB14: All new USMC list posted!

There's a completely new revision to the USMC list up! This is the first revision in a couple years for the USMC list and it's a complete revamp - new sections, lots of new books, etc. Some great new books are on here - like Fraser's "Quartered Safe Out Here". Enjoy!


R022335ZNOV13: UK Defense Academy list posted!

There's a new list for the site - the UK Defense Academy list! Lots of great stuff on here, much of which I haven't seen on other lists. There are a few classics, too, such as Keegan's "The Mask of Command". There were a few selections I couldn't find (mostly articles) but I got most of them. Enjoy!


R280301ZOCT13: Latest Coast Guard list posted!

The latest USCG list is available now! This list is from 2011 as that appears to be the last revision. As always, an interesting mix; I especially hope to find some of the "Coast Guard History and Culture" selections in the library.


R192231ZOCT13: Get an email when new revisions are posted

If you'd like to be notified when new revisions are posted, just fill in your email address and I'll let you know. You can fill in your email by logging in, clicking "my account" and then clicking "edit my account".


R150513ZOCT13: The 2013 Air Force list is posted!

The latest USAF list is available here now! A short list, but some interesting selections and I haven't seen any of these on any of the other lists. Enjoy!


R050654ZJAN13: The 2012 Navy reading list is posted!

It's been on the Navy reading site for a while, but anyhow, it's posted here now! Rather than being broken down by rank it's broken into three sections. Many of the books were carried over from the previous list - The Sand Pebbles and Monsoon - but there's some interesting new stuff here like Seal of Honor. Wired for War is here now as well; before this it's appeared on the USAF list. Enjoy!


R290231ZDEC12: Latest Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff list posted!

The 2012 edition of the CJCS list is posted! Some classics - Art of War, Once an Eagle - and some new stuff, including Coram's book on John Boyd.


R041936ZJUL12: CSAF 2012 list posted

The CSAF 2012 list is up now! It contains a lot of new selections - The Forever War, Catch-22 - looks like good stuff!


R280152ZMAY12: CSAF 2011 list posted

After a hiatus, I'm catching up! Just posted the CSAF 2011 list. Some new stuff on there, and also an old favorite - Horne's A Savage War of Peace.


R311628ZAUG10: PACOM list posted

I've added the U. S. Pacific Command reading list. It's all new stuff - I don't think a single book on that list is something that's on one of the other lists. Enjoy!


R301334ZJUN10: New JFSC revision posted!

I've added a revision of the Joint Forces Staff College list; lots of interesting stuff there. There's some overlap with the Air Force list (e.g., Singer's excellent "Wired for War"), and there are some new ones too like Grau's "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". Enjoy!


R040314ZJUN10: STRATCOM list added

I've added the U. S. Strategic Command reading list. There's some overlap between STRATCOM's list and the CSAF list (e.g., LeMay: The Life and Wars of General Curtis LeMay), but lots of new stuff on there too. Enjoy!


R011353ZJUN10: CSAF 2010 list is out!

The 2010 Chief of Staff of the Air Force list is out, so I've added it. Just like the 2009 revision, the 2010 revision is a complete replacement of all the books on the list. Some great new stuff there, enjoy!


R190249ZMAY10: USMC Africa list added

I've added the USMC "Horn of Africa" reading list. Like the SOUTHCOM list, this is full of new stuff. Enjoy!


R151305ZAPR10: National Capital Region Medical Joint Task Force list added

I've added the National Capital Region Medical Joint Task Force reading list. There's some interesting new stuff here, including Captain David Rozelle's "Back in Action". Enjoy!


R240332ZMAR10: SOUTHCOM list added

I've added the U.S. Southern Command's reading list. Lots of new and interesting stuff there including two books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Enjoy!


R220537ZMAR10: General Shinseki's list added

I've added General Eric Shinseki's reading list from Brigadier General John Sloane Brown's 12/2000 article in Army Magazine. Much of this list was adopted into other lists - for example, "We Were Soldiers" is on the regular Army list and on the USMC list.


R191558ZMAR10: USMC Civilian list added

I've added the USMC civilian reading list; thanks to Maj Thomas Forrest for the pointer. About a quarter of the books are also on the regular USMC list, but there's a lot of new stuff too. Enjoy!


R161138ZMAR10: Canadian Army reading list posted

I've added the Canadian Army reading list; thanks to Maj. Tom Forrest, USA, for the pointer to it! This is a massive list, and it's the first list that I've seen that contains "All Quiet on the Western Front"... great stuff.


R150233ZOCT09: Army list updated

I've just added the latest revision to the Army reading list. One I'm looking forward to is Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq. There's a lot of other good stuff there too; I see Dereliction of Duty is in the Senior Leaders section now. Enjoy!


R260504ZSEP09: Brave Rifles Reading List added

I've added the Brave Rifles Reading List for Operation Iraqi Freedom from Headquarters 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. This list has some you've seen before - e.g., Bernard Lewis' Crisis of Islam - and a bunch of new ones, especially in the Iraq Culture and History section. And Savage Wars of Peace is there, of course!


R191404ZJAN09: 2009 Air Force reading list released!

The 2009 Air Force reading list is out!

This is a complete redo of the list; not a single book survived! Max Boot's The Savage Wars Of Peace was added; that book is now on three reading lists: Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. There seems to be a bit more of a focus on high-level thinking with the addition of Gray's Modern Strategy and Drew's Making Twenty-First-Century Strategy. On the "adventure" side of things, Naylor's Not a Good Day to Die: The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda has been added.


R121404ZJAN09: Navy 2009 reading list released!

The 2009 Navy reading list is out! This is a fairly small revision, with only six books added and five books removed. There are also some reshufflings; for example The Sand Pebbles is now in the "Junior Enlisted" section as well as the "Leading Petty Officer" section. Stephen Ambrose' D Day: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II is an interesting addition; Ambrose fans may also notice that his Band of Brothers is on both the USMC and Army reading lists.