Chief Of Staff Of The Army Gen. Eric K. Shinseki's Recommended Reading List

Gen. Shinseki's list has several characteristics that support those purposes. It is hierarchical, presenting sub lists of books appropriate to varying levels of experience and responsibility. Lieutenants and buck sergeants have different frames of reference than do generals and sergeants major. It is progressive, with each sub list preparing its intended audience not only for present levels of responsibility but also for responsibilities at the next higher level. It is synchronized, complementing formal Army education and bridging intellectual intervals between attendances at Army educational institutions. It is diverse, collectively representing the entirety of our military heritage and encouraging reflection upon a variety of issues and circumstances. Finally, it is intended to be challenging, calling upon soldiers to read at a level that is within their capacities but that stretches their intellects.

This revision was published March 2010.

Cadets, Soldiers And Junior NCOs

Company Grade Officers, WO1-CW3, And Company Cadre NCOs

Field Grade Officers, CW4-CW5, And Senior NCOs

Senior Leaders Above Brigade