U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff G-2 Reading List

(source) In the pages of history lie many lessons that can help us better understand our profession...as a Soldier, as a leader...as an American. As General James Mattis notes, “Ultimately, a real understanding of history means that we face nothing new under the sun.” Our education as Soldiers and civilians in service to our nation lies on several pillars; what we learn in the Institutional Army, the Operational Army, and perhaps most importantly, our own personal self- development. ADRP 6-22 states, “Lifelong learning involves study and reflection to acquire new knowledge and to learn how to apply it when needed.” From my three decades in the Army I’ve come to learn maneuver commanders speak two languages: doctrine and history. There is too much at stake for Military Intelligence professionals to lack in preparedness and not be able to communicate with commanders and our civilian leaders. We compiled the enclosed list of books based on feedback from our Army G-2 team. Our selections not only illuminate lessons from history and from today, the selections look to the future to help us begin to understand the operational environment that is and will emerge over the coming decades...enjoy

This revision was published January 2016.

Professional Development

History and Heritage

Global Analysis