The December 1997 revision of the Coast Guard reading list

(source) Our world is not exactly breaking out in tranquility, and given this volatile, increasingly complex and uncertain time, sound leadership is even more critical to our collective success. In October, the Department of Homeland Security declared fiscal year 2018 as the DHS Leadership Year. This year offers opportunities for every component to reinforce a culture of excellence and highlight the importance of leadership at all levels. I reflected on my own Leadership Philosophy and selected books to inspire and challenge you to help lead the Coast Guard through this world of accelerating change.

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E-1 to E-6, GS-1 to GS-6, WG-1 to WG-11, WL-1 to WL-5, WS-1 to WS-7, NF-1 to NF-3, AUX MBR

Book cover for The Coast Guardsman's Manual, 10th Edition

Book cover for The Art of Communicating

Book cover for Beyond Race and Gender: Unleashing the Power of Your Total Workforce by Managing Diversity

Book cover for Castro's Ploy: America's Dilemma : The 1980 Cuban Boatlift

Book cover for The Coast Guard at War: Vietnam, 1965-1975

Book cover for Coastal Forces

Book cover for A Code to Keep

Book cover for Guardians of the Sea: History of the United States Coast Guard, 1915 to the Present

Book cover for How Good People Make Tough Choices Rev Ed: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living

Book cover for Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader

Book cover for Naval Ceremonies, Customs, and Traditions (6th Edition)

Book cover for On Becoming a Leader: The Leadership Classic

Book cover for On Leadership

Book cover for The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

Book cover for Principle-Centered Leadership

Book cover for Sea of Grass: The Maritime Drug War, 1970-1990

Book cover for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Book cover for That Others Might Live: The U.S. Life-Saving Service, 1878-1915

Book cover for The Constitution of the United States of America

E-7, W-1 to W-2, Cadets and Officer Candidates, 0-1 to 0-3, GS-7 to GS-11, WG-12 to WG-15, WL-6 to WL-14, WS-8 to WS-13, NF-3 to NF-4, FSO, VFC, FC, BA, BC

Book cover for The Armed Forces Officer

Book cover for Challenge of Command

Book cover for Change Masters

Book cover for Command at Sea

Book cover for Division Officer's Guide

Book cover for Five-Star Leadership: The Art and Strategy of Creating Leaders at Every Level

Book cover for Flight of the Buffalo

Book cover for The General Danced at Dawn, and Other Stories.

Book cover for Grant and Lee, a study in personality and generalship

Book cover for Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times

Book cover for Mastering Change

Book cover for Military Leadership: In Pursuit of Excellence

Book cover for Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience

Book cover for The Naval Officer's Guide Eleventh Edition

Book cover for Out of the Crisis

Book cover for Reluctant Warrior: A Marine's True Story of Duty and Heroism in Vietnam

Book cover for Taking Charge: Making the Right Choices

Book cover for To get the job done: Readings in leadership and management

Book cover for Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

Book cover for The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization

Book cover for Women and the Military: Over 100 Notable Contributors, Historic to Comtemporary

E-8 to E-9, W-3 to W-4, 0-4 to 0-5, GS-12 to GS-14, WL-15, WS-14 to WS-19, NF-4 to NF-5, ADSO, DSO, DCP, DVC, DC

Book cover for Beyond the Wall of Resistance; Unconventional Strategies that Build Support for Change

Book cover for Call for Fire: Sea Combat in the Falklands and the Gulf War

Book cover for Douglas Southall Freeman on Leadership

Book cover for The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work

Book cover for The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies and Tools for Building a Learning Organization

Book cover for Hope is Not a Method

Book cover for Implementing Organizational Change: a practical guide to managing change effort

Book cover for The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783

Book cover for Joint Staff Officer's Guide

Book cover for Leadership and Management of Volunteer Programs: A Guide for Volunteer Administrators (J-B US non-Franchise Leadership)

Book cover for Leadership and the New Science: Learning about Organization from an Orderly Universe

Book cover for Leadership Development: Maturity and Power

Book cover for The Military 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time

Book cover for My American Journey

Book cover for Naval Command and Control

Book cover for The New Leaders: Leadership Diversity in America (J-B US non-Franchise Leadership)

Book cover for The Parameters of Military Ethics

Book cover for The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance

Book cover for Principles of Maritime Strategy

Book cover for True Faith And Allegiance: The Burden of Military Ethics

Book cover for Typhoon, the Other Enemy: The Third Fleet and the Pacific Storm of December 1944

Book cover for Win-Win Negotiating: Turning Conflict Into Agreement

Book cover for Wolf: U-Boat Commanders in World War II

0-6 to 0-9, GS-15 to GS-18, NF-5 to NF-6, SES, VCO, RCO, DCO

Book cover for The Best and the Brightest

Book cover for Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Book cover for The Nightengale's Song

Book cover for Nimitz

Book cover for On the Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace

Book cover for One Hundred Days: The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander

Book cover for Overcoming Organizational Defenses: Facilitating Organizational Learning

Book cover for The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

Book cover for Understanding Your Management Style: Beyond the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator