The Coast Guardsman's Manual, 10th Edition

by Jim Dolbow

Book cover for The Coast Guardsman's Manual, 10th Edition

Regardless of rank or time in service, all Coast Guard personnel find this manual to be essential to their professional development. Its value as a ready source of guidance is attested to by generations of men and women who have made it a part of their personal libraries since 1952, when the first edition was published. Today, it remains the basic training manual for entry-level personnel at enlisted and officer training schools.

This tenth edition is designed to bring the reader into the twenty-first century of training and operations. New materials and photographs fully describe the modern Coast Guard and its equipment. Updated information is offered on Coast Guard missions, organization, history, maritime law enforcement, intelligence, among other subjects. Continued emphasis is placed on safety of life, protection of national assets, and defending the homeland.

This book is ideal for anyone serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.

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