Canadian Army Reading List

(source) Among the many challenges confronting soldiers are the complex warfighting, technological and social changes of our times. Numerous "revolutions" in technology, military affairs and other disciplines have added new complexities to military operations. Furthermore, "defence management" has also brought the adoption of new skills. Now more than ever we require a more thorough understanding of a myriad of interrelated subjects, such as doctrine, training, international relations, history and other topics to complete our duties. Although some of these subjects are covered to varying degrees through professional development or training, the onus still remains with the individual to read and study the literature. This is the raison d’etre of the Army Reading List. It is to provide an instructive guide to members of the Land Force to explore the more suitable works on any given subject. The list not exhaustive, nor is it a limit to what we read; rather, for those seeking professional knowledge, it is a start point to enhance professional knowledge. All members of the Land Force are encouraged to use the list, to read the titles presented and to debate these subjects at length, at work, in the messes or through professional journals. Not only will this improve each individual it will also help prepare the Army for the challenges it will face tomorrow.

This revision was published November 2001.

The Human Factor

Etudes Sur Le Combat

Charles J. Joseph Ardant Du Picq

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Military Theory - General

Military Theory - Manoeuvre Warfare

Military Theory - Logistics

Canadian Military Heritage

Military History - General and Reference

Military History - Ancient

Military History - Early Modern

Military History - Modern General

Military History - Napoleonic Era

Military History - North America

Military History - First World War

Military History - Second World War

Military History - The Korean Conflict

Military History - Cold War

Military History - Post-Cold War Period

Campaign and Battle Studies

Leadership and Biography


Future Warfare

Peacekeeping and Peace Support Operations

Politics, International Relations and Economics

Ethics, Domestic Issues and Social Trends


Doctrine, Training and Professionalism