Chief of Defense Staff - Recommended Reading

(source) As my predecessor said, we cannot predict the future. But we can expect it to test our intellectual mettle. We will have to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity, to decide how to achieve the necessary outcomes, and to persuade others of the need to act in a timely and effective fashion. We will have to do this in ways that reflect and advance our national interest and make best use of the resources that we are provided with. This will increasingly require a breadth and depth of contextual understanding, an ability to interpret the lessons of history, agile and creative thinking, and a dedicated, professional approach to all that we do, be that on operations or in the office. This web page is designed to tempt individuals into developing such attributes through reading. It contains lists of books and articles that will provide intellectual stimulus for those who work in or with Defence, be they military or civilian.

This revision was published November 2013.