Tomorrow's War

by General Vincent Desportes

Book cover for Tomorrow's War

In this book, distinguished military theorist Vincent Desportes warns that war is ready to make a comeback around the globe and the Western powers are not prepared for it. He argues that while weaponry, tactics, alliances, and objectives are constantly evolving, our political and military leaders are relying on outdated methods to combat them.

General Desportes states: "The feeble performance of our current tools obliges us to understand the evolution of forms of strength, of nuisance, and of violence. This is a matter of survival, for our civilization and for ourselves. The future lies within us and in our powers of understanding and adaptation, nowhere else. Political and military leaders, thus have to give force back its utility; this force which is as essential today as it was yesterday. Restoring utility to force means understanding wars we will probably be called upon to fight and the political factors involved. We need to reflect long and hard and to act on the conclusions. We need to change our thinking."

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