A Spy For All Seasons: My Life in the CIA

by Duane R. Clarridge

Book cover for A Spy For All Seasons: My Life in the CIA

This memoir of former CIA Deputy Director Duane R. "Dewey" Clarridge offers revelations about clandestine activities he supervised in the world's hot spots. He offers us an account of Iran-Contra, and why the CIA was so shaken by the Walsh investigation. He offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Reagan administration's secret war against Sandinistas - a campaign Clarridge conceived and ran. Clarridge, who founded and headed the CIA's counter-terrorist centre, also reveals how the agency retaliated for the terrorist murders on the cruise ship "Achille Lauro" and in the Vienna and Rome airports. Whether he is speaking about William Casey or William Webster, this intelligence veteran provides insider perspectives on key security issues and political events of our time.

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