War by Other Means: Economic Espionage in America

by John J. Fialka

Book cover for War by Other Means: Economic Espionage in America

"The best book yet on the threat to American business posed by industrial spies. . . . Historians may well turn to Fialka's book for a quick study."―John Mintz, Washington Post

In this action-filled journey through tomorrow's headlines, award-winning journalist John Fialka reveals a secret war that jeopardizes the economic security of the United States and the livelihood of millions of Americans. The battlefield is now economic rather than ideological, but espionage in the 1990s springs directly from the ruins of the Cold War spy regimes. Newly configured, the covert operations of America's enemies-and friends-threaten to hollow out the U.S. economy and siphon away the jobs and technologies we need to remain competitive in the twenty-first century.

From Russia's brazen shopping tours for U.S. secrets to the subtle art of technology "tunneling" by the Japanese, this book illuminates a loss that is widely felt, but not often seen or understood. Fialka's incisive reporting and trenchant analysis expose an attack on the American economy so deadly as to constitute a time-lapse Pearl Harbor; his book outlines the hard choices we must make if we are to survive.

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