Raiders of the Deep

by Lowell Thomas

Book cover for Raiders of the Deep

This 1928 best seller by internationally renowned journalist Lowell Thomas was the first American account of German submariners to offer a sympathetic, behind-the-scenes look at the men who prowled the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and English Channel in U-boats. Widely known for his radio and newspaper dispatches from World War I battlefields, Thomas was immediately successful with this vivid portrait of undersea warfare that included details of the new technology.

In his inimitable style, Thomas allows his subjects to tell their stories in their own words, rendering an infinitely interesting look at the challenges of life aboard these early submarines. Their dramatic oral histories tell of Walther Schwiegers's sinking of the Lusitania, the seven U-boat raiders sent to lay mines across the Atlantic and sink merchant ships off the coast of the United States, and other riveting trials and accomplishments of the U-boaters. 402 pages. 51 photographs. Paperback. 6 x 9 inches.

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