The Ethical Warrior: Values, Morals and Ethics - For Life, Work and Service

by Jack E. Hoban

Book cover for The Ethical Warrior: Values, Morals and Ethics - For Life, Work and Service

Jack Hoban was shaped by service in the U.S. Marine Corps, a life-changing epiphany at a Cold War bar, and mentorship under two masters: The 34th generation grandmaster of the shadowy art of the Ninja and a sage of the Natural Law who may just have deciphered the meaning of life. He now delivers a revolutionary view of moral values for our time epitomized by the Ethical Warrior – protector of self and others as equal human beings. Hoban’s methodology reaches from the Greek ancients to the counterinsurgency efforts of today’s Marines to provide ethical clarity and confidence in our moral actions. What people are saying about the Ethical Warrior Training: "I recently listened to Jack Hoban's talk about the "Ethical Warrior/Protector" for one hour and 15 minutes. I honestly learned more about values, morals and ethics and their application, especially to law enforcement, in that 75 minutes than in my entire almost two decades of study. I highly recommend that all true leaders invest time in learning more about what Mr. Hoban has to say." - Robert C. (Bob) Willis, Police Officer Survival Instructor "I came into this course thinking I would leave with the tools to become a better, more tactically sound, law enforcement professional. And while it is true that I am leaving more knowledgeable and better prepared to handle my day to day responsibilities, I'm also leaving a better person." - Michelle Irizarry, NYPD "Life changing." - U.S. Marine Martial Arts Instructor Trainer "I had a life-changing experience at the RGI seminar." - Police Officer "It was a life-changing course." - Park Ranger "A course which was initially approached with a little skepticism turned into arguably one of the best motivational seminars I have ever attended. Ethical training plus conflict resolution has a place not only in military and law enforcement but everyday life." – Brian McPherson, New Jersey State Police "Amazing ethical insight; solidified my reason for joining the service as a protector." - Sheriff Officer "Being able to work with a group of adult men around issues like honor and courage is not something to which I can often avail myself." - Dr. John Kahler, M.D., HAITI MPHISE "Prepares you to be a better person, leader and protector. The knowledge, experience and professionalism of the staff is unmatched." – Robert Monday, USMC officer "I usually dread having to go to training. But from the first session I could tell that this was going to be different. Taught valuable lessons that not only apply to my profession, but to my personal and family life." - Steve Moraguan, Park Ranger The RGI staff consists of a cadre of seasoned professionals who have seen their fair share of conflict. Their combination of experience, skill, wisdom, and character enable them to impart this critical information with credibility and clarity." - Hal W., Federal Law Enforcement Instructor; Major, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Written as a companion to the actual training, The Ethical Warrior is of great value to those interested in living a balanced, happy and ethical life. It addresses important questions such as: Is there a “true north” on the moral compass? Is there an objective value that can be used to qualify our relative values as moral or immoral? How do we reject our tendency to dehumanize others not of our “in-group”– including our enemies – and respect true human equality? How do we do “the right thing” under the stresses of everyday life?

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