The Pocket Guide to Critical Thinking

by Richard L. Epstein

Book cover for The Pocket Guide to Critical Thinking

First comes clear thinking, then comes clear writing. The extraordinarily clear explanations in the Pocket Guide to Critical Thinking provide the essential skills to reason better-for classwork, for writing, and for use in everyday life. The book employs an abundance of engaging examples from everyday life that illustrate how to analyze arguments and make better decisions. The Pocket Guide is both the perfect supplement for any course that requires critical thinking, from the sciences to the humanities, and a practical aid for self-study or a reference source in writing. This extensively revised fourth edition has over 150 new examples and a new chapter on evaluating risks. Buyers of this book also get free access to hundreds of additional examples and exercises as well as further material for the sciences on the Critical Thinking Web Exchange at the Advanced Reasoning Forum website.

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