First Command: Paths To Leadership

by Dwight Jon Zimmerman

Book cover for First Command: Paths To Leadership

Washington, Lee, Grant, Pershing, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton are names recognized by everyone. They are among a select group of American military leaders that rose to the top of their profession and achieved unparalleled levels of greatness. But what was it like for these and other men -- and more recently, women -- at the beginning of their careers, when the path before them often held little promise and contained many obstacles? First Command presents the early exploits of important generals in American history -- pivotal moments in their careers that occurred before the spotlight of fame illuminated their lives. Some of the incidents that shaped these officers were part of landmark conflicts, others are now no more than footnotes in American military history, and still others occurred without the sounds of guns being fired in anger. But in all cases these men and women gained valuable experience and direction. A young adult book suitable for all ages, the book has received advance critical acclaim from historians and education experts alike. A television series, First Command, based on the book, produced by Weller-Grossman Productions is presently being shown on Discovery Channels, who have taken options for additional episodes to be produced in 2006.

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