Body Language Essentials

by Joe Navarro

Book cover for Body Language Essentials

This short book, "Body Language Essentials," is a collection of articles which Joe Navarro, the world-renowned body language expert, wrote primarily for the magazine, "Psychology Today" based around the topic of nonverbal communications. To avoid readers having to hunt down each and every article themselves, Joe put them altogether in this book with an explanation as to why he wrote them. These articles are no substitutes for either of Joe's books, "What Every Body is Saying" or "Louder Than Words", which are far more authoritative and thorough on the topic of nonverbal communications.

For some this will serve as an introduction to the subject of nonverbal communications, while for others it may be a good way to refresh their memory. In either case, this book should serve as a primer to what we know about nonverbal communications and what authoritative literature exists on the subject. The articles and the accompanying bibliography should help readers to expand their knowledge of nonverbal communications - our primary and most basic means of daily communication.

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