Treat 'Em Rough!: The Birth of American Armor, 1917-20

by Dale E. Wilson

Book cover for Treat 'Em Rough!: The Birth of American Armor, 1917-20

TREAT'EM ROUGH: BIRTH OF U.S.A. ARMOR 1917-1920. By Captain Dale E. Wilson, US Army. Forward by Maj. Gen. George S. Patton This metal monsters broke up the trench warfare stalemate and hastened the armistice. A new breed of army officers, including Eisenhower and Patton saw promise of this new technology and staked their careers on it. If you are a fan of tank and armored warfare, you will enjoy this very informative book as armored tactics evolved as a result of WWI combat experiences. Tanks caused havoc among the Germans when they first appeared on the battlefields in 1917. Lavishly illustrated, this book enables the reader to follow these amazing detailed early tank vrs. infantry battles and tank development with ease. ORIGINAL HARDCOVER EDITION An ideal gift for anyone who is interested in armored warfare and history. Well illustrated with photographs and detailed maps enable the reader to follow the battles.

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