In Contact!: Case Studies from the Long War (Volume I)

by William G. Robertson

Book cover for In Contact!: Case Studies from the Long War (Volume I)

With In Contact! Case Studies from the Long War, Volume I, the historians of the Combat Studies Institute (CSI) have produced a historical anthology to support Army schools, to promote general professional development in the field, and to inform the American people about the missions performed by their Army in this “long war.” These case studies include both lethal and nonlethal missions performed by Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The events chronicled herein span the spectrum of participants from officers to noncommissioned officers and from combat units to support personnel, all in contact with a vicious and unforgiving enemy. CSI’s authors made use of a variety of unclassified material and were able to contact and interview many of the key participants in each of these events. Each case study provides valuable insights for Soldiers and military professionals. In Contact! is a companion to CSI’s campaign histories of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM—On Point (2004), On Point II, and a history of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM due out in mid-2008. In Contact! builds on the methods used in the widely distributed and renowned Infantry in Battle and Seven Firefights in Vietnam. As the Introduction explains, the format allows the case studies to be read as traditional narratives—following each case study from its initial situation, to its dilemma, through to its resolution. They can also be used in the Army school system as a teaching tool by having students read through the dilemma, then fostering student discussion and analysis of options before moving on to the actual historical conclusion.

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