Vietnam Stories: A Judge's Memoir

by Jack Crouchet

Book cover for Vietnam Stories: A Judge's Memoir

Complex stories of war-time bravery, brutality, compassion, and futility can be found in Vietnam Stories: A Fudge's Memoir. Jack Crouchet, retired U.S. Army Colonel and former military judge, brings to life a controversial picture of Americans and Vietnamese in Vietnam during the war years of 1968-1969. Crouchet's unique position as military judge made him privy to the stories and lives of American soldiers, Vietnamese people, and the U.S. non-military residents who appeared before his court. Though not a book of war stories per se, Vietnam Stories provides a unique overview of that historical time and includes the author's reflections on the politics of the Vietnam war.

A strange culture was created by the war in Vietnam. While twelve percent of military personnel were involved in actual combat, many civilians and high-ranking military persons lived in luxury in Saigon. They were furnished with airconditioned villas, apartments, and hotels; ate in exquisite French restaurants; and traveled in comfort. The Vietnam experience of youthful American combat soldiers was one of constant danger as well as confrontation with situations that many were unprepared to deal with. Well-armed and often immature, the soldiers sometimes made decisions which led to tragedy. Finally, there were the farmers of Vietnam, who wanted nothing more than to remain in their fields near the tombs of their ancestors.

"Those who have served in or have visited Vietnam will find much in their experiences to relate to in the pages of Vietnam Stories". -- Eugene F. Murrett, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit

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