The Future of Freedom

by Fareed Zakaria

Book cover for The Future of Freedom

“A work of tremendous originality and insight. ... Makes you see the world differently.”―Washington Post

A modern classic that uses historical analysis to shed light on the present, The Future of Freedom is, as the Chicago Tribune put it, "essential reading for anyone worried about the promotion and preservation of liberty." Hailed by the New York Times as "brave and ambitious...updated Tocqueville," it enjoyed extended stays on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post bestseller lists and has been translated into eighteen languages. Prescient in laying out the distinction between democracy and liberty, the book now contains a new afterword on the United States's occupation of Iraq.

"Intensely provocative and valuable," according to BusinessWeek, with an easy command of history, philosophy, and current affairs, The Future of Freedom calls for a restoration of the balance between liberty and democracy and shows how politics and government can be made effective and relevant for our time.

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  • On Jun 15 2010 Tom Copeland (USCG) read this book and commented:

    Fareed Zakaria makes an interesting distinction between liberty and democracy, and he explores this difference in a variety of fields - politics, law, religions, etc. His views on the influence of democracy on religion were interesting - some churches have become so seeker friendly that they have excised the bits of the Bible that deal with sin, the need for forgiveness, and other jarring topics. This book is worth reading if only to annoy James Carville, who recently said that he'd like to "take a football bat" (whatever that is) to Zakaria.