Gabriela, clavo y canela

by Jorge Amado

Book cover for Gabriela, clavo y canela

In 1925, the wealth produced by cocoa has allowed the economic development of Ilhe├║s, but the customs of its inhabitants still they are primitive and violent. In this town, the Arab Nacib Saad, cook desperate to lose his popular coffee, he hires the beautiful mulatto woman Gabriela, to his surprise, it will be not only a great cook but a lovely benefit for your business. But what would people say if Nacib marry her?

Gabriela live long in the literature as a beautiful female figure, simple and spontaneous, Beyond Good and Evil. With its unmatched lyricism, Jorge Amado has transmitted the character qualities typical of the Brazilian people: tenderness, sensuality without malice, enveloping joy, happy primitivism. And the poignant romance of Nacib and Gabriela will be located undoubtedly in the gallery of famous lovers in history of literature.

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