The News from Paraguay

by Lily Tuck

Book cover for The News from Paraguay

A rich historical novel - part love story and part tragedy - about the Irish courtesan Eliza Lynch, and how she became mistress to one of South America's first, and most extravagant, dictators. 1854. In Paris, Francisco Solano - the future dictator of Paraguay - picks up a blue feather fallen from the hat of a beautiful woman. With this small gesture begins his pursuit of the remarkable Irish courtesan Eliza Lynch. Captivated by a unique courtship involving a poncho and a Paraguayan band, Eliza follows Francisco to Paraguay where she reigns as his mistress. Isolated and estranged in this new world, she embraces her lover's ill-fated imperial dream - one fuelled by a heedless arrogance that will devestate all of Paraguay, and throw this European woman into a world of unprecedented privilege, ruthless exploitation and even revolution...With the urgency of the narrative, the rich romantic detail, and a wealth of skillfully layered characters, 'The News from Paraguay' recalls the vibrant colour of Isabel Allende and the epic sweep of Mario Vargas Llosa.

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