Patton: A Genius for War

by Carlo D'este

Book cover for Patton: A Genius for War

Patton: A Genius for War is a full-fledged portrait of an extraordinary American that reveals the complex and contradictory personality that lay behind the swashbuckling and brash facade. According to Publishers Weekly, the result is "a major biography of a major American military figure."

"This massive work is biography at its very best. Literate and meaty, incisive and balanced, detailed without being pedantic. Mr. D'Este's Patton takes its rightful place as the definitive biography of this American warrior." --Calvin L. Christman, Dallas Morning News

"D'Este tells this story well, and gives us a new understanding of this great and troubled man."-The Wall Street Journal

"An instant classic." --Douglas Brinkley, director, Eisenhower Center

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    This is an epic survey of Patton's life. One thing I found interesting was how Patton managed his career. He knew that in order to make flag rank he needed powerful allies, and he actively sought these people out even if it meant jumping the chain of command. The story of how he got to be Pershing's aide-de-camp in the Mexico campaign is a fine example of this.