The Bloc That Failed: Soviet-East European Relations in Transition

by Charles Gati

Book cover for The Bloc That Failed: Soviet-East European Relations in Transition

"... lucid and stimulating... " ―The New York Times Book Review

"Essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the new Eastern Europe and the collapse of Soviet control over it―informative and incisive." ―Zbigniew Brzezinski

"Gati’s book... is the most current and best-informed study of this rapidly changing world.... Professor Gati is uniquely qualified to understand and give perspective to the impact of perestroika and Soviet ‘new thinking’ on the events in Eastern Europe." ―William H. Luers, Former U. S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia

"... a superb synthesis of the postwar evolution of Soviet-East European relations and the first up-to-date analysis of the revolutionary events in that part of the world in 1989." ―Michael Mandelbaum, Council on Foreign Relations

"An up-to-date and lucid overview of the troubled course of Soviet-East European relations at time of momentous change in the Soviet bloc." ―Sarah M. Terry

"... excellent analysis and synthesis... " ―Foreign Affairs

"this book is written in a lively style and is a good scholarly synthesis of the post-Second World War evolution of Soviet-East European relations ending in the revolutionary events of 1989." ―Canadian Journal of Political Science

"... a lively and perceptive account... " ―Military Review

"Clearly and simply written, this book is particularly useful as a compact introduction to the prehistory and transformation of East European politics." ―Choice

"It is well organized, readable, and sensitive to complexity; find the time to read it." ―History

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