The Years of Macarthur 1941-1945

by Dorris Clayton James

Book cover for The Years of Macarthur 1941-1945

A detailed biography of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, chronicles his controversial military, administrative, and political career and examines his complex, contradictory personality and character. Allied attempts to stem the advance in the wake of the Battle of Dunkirk (see also Evacuation of Dunkirk) by bombing German forces advancing failed with heavy losses. On 14 May 1940, a day the Luftwaffe called "the day of the fighters", Allied bombers attempted to halt the Wehrmacht crossing the Meuse river, but inadequately protected they suffered appalling losses at the hands of Luftwaffe fighters. Over 120 Bf 109s destroyed as many French and British aircraft (90 of which were bombers) in the day's fighting.

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