The Good Shepherd

by C. S. Forester

Book cover for The Good Shepherd

A gripping novel that details a perilous Atlantic convoy cruise during WWII.

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  • On Oct 19 2012 docshea (USN) read this book and commented:

    Oh the challenge of leadership. What's going on between the ears of those men? Better prespective now.

  • On May 15 2010 Wes Bringham read this book
  • On Dec 13 2009 kcholbert (USAF) read this book
  • On Dec 01 2008 Tom Copeland (USCG) read this book and commented:

    On a personal level, anyone who has stood a long watch will sympathize with the description of the time that Capt Krause spends on the bridge in this book. The cold, the boredom with the underlying tension, the inability to leave the bridge to make a head call - it all adds up. This is a superb story of sub vs destroyer combat and one that bears rereading.