Fox Two: The Story of America's First Ace in Vietnam

by Randy Cunningham

Book cover for Fox Two: The Story of America's First Ace in Vietnam

I am a fighter pilot by heart, and I love turning and twisting through the skies in search of a good fight. But this is more than a story of aerial combat. It is a story of a ship, USS Constitution, and the men who sailed her, their feelings, thoughts and actions during the Vietnam conflict. Fox Two describes many of our air-to-air combats, recorded as they happened. We didn't win them all, but lessons learned and some of the restrictions that we had to live with - and in some cases die with - should be known by every American so that your sons will not pay the same price as did many of our men in a war we weren't allowed to win.... From 1965 through 1971 the US Navy scored 29 kills with Sidewinders. During the time period of this book, Navy pilots were credited with 23 Sidewinder kills and one Sparrow kill. All five of my victories were made with the Sidewinder, making Lieutenant (jg) Bill Driscoll and me the first US aces of the Vietnam War. Thus the Title, Fox Two. --- excerpts from book's Preface

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