Affording Defense

by Jacques Gansler

Book cover for Affording Defense

Jacques Gansler's previous book, The Defense Industry, was hailed by Senator William Proxmire as "a superb analysis of our defense problems." Air Force magazine called it a "brilliant dissection of the US. armament industry." Now, with Affording Defense, Gansler again points the way toward a national security policy that will enable us to proceed, safely and prosperously into the 21st century.

In large part, American national-security policy dates back to the 1950s, when the United States was dominant militarily politically, and economically. The country's position has changed since then, but its policy has not. Gansler warns that the old ways of thinking are no longer applicable. In this far-reaching, practical book he addresses the crucial changes that must be made to meet the challenges of an age marked by terrorism and national radicalism.

Gansler's sensible proposals for reform and revitalization are based on extensive research and on his broad experience in private industry and in weapons procurement for the Department of Defense. He identifies areas where armed conflict may break out in the future, considers the development of defense strategy and the hard choices to be faced in carrying out that strategy, examines the provision of weapons and personnel for the armed services; and compares the United States' approach with those of other Western countries and the Soviet Union.

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