The January 2009 revision of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reading list

(source) As leaders of the Armed Forces of the United States progress in their development, they should expand their horizons to encompass familiarity with other Services and develop an informed perspective on joint warfare. The following readings complement and do not replace the professional reading lists developed by each Service.

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January 2012

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National Resources Strategy

Book cover for Affording Defense

Book cover for Logistics in the National Defense

Logistics in the National Defense

The George Washington Logistics Research Project

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Book cover for Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton

Book cover for The Political Economy of International Relations

National Security Strategy

Book cover for Every War Must End

Book cover for Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear Age

Book cover for The Theory and Practice of War

Book cover for Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision-Makers

Classics on Diplomacy and Force

Book cover for On War

Book cover for The Art Of War

Book cover for The Prince

Joint and Combined Operations

Book cover for Command, Control, and the Common Defense

Book cover for Commander in Chief: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, and Their War

Book cover for Crusade in Europe

Book cover for Defeat Into Victory: Battling Japan in Burma and India, 1942-1945

Book cover for Face of Battle

Book cover for Gallipoli

Book cover for Guardians of the Sea: History of the United States Coast Guard, 1915 to the Present

Book cover for Strategic and Operational Deception in the Second World War

Book cover for Street Without Joy: The French Debacle In Indochina

Book cover for Surprise Attack: The Victim's Perspective

Book cover for The American Way of War: A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy

Book cover for The Korean War

Book cover for The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance

Book cover for The Search for Security in Space