University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Favorite Reads

(source) The University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS) at Fort Leavenworth is an Army-directed education, research, and training initiative for Army organizations, joint organizations, and other government agencies.

This revision was published December 2011.

Book cover for Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking

Book cover for Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics

Book cover for The Logic Of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situations

Book cover for Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Book cover for Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture

Book cover for Thinking, Fast and Slow

Book cover for Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions

Book cover for Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

Book cover for The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently...and Why

Book cover for Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America

Book cover for Winning Decisions: Getting It Right the First Time

Book cover for Operational Culture for the Warfighter: Principles and Applications

Book cover for The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization