by Aleksandr A. Svechin

Book cover for Strategy

A translation of the second edition of Aleksandr Svechin's seminal work, Strategy. Svechin (1878-1938) was an outstanding Russian military theoretician and widely recognized as the Soviet Clausewitz. This book, strongly influenced by the writings and analyses of the contemporary and classic European figures of Svechin's day, represents his concept of the best approach to national security for the Soviet state. In addition to the translation of Svechin's work, Strategy includes a foreword; introductory essays by A.A. Kokoshin, V.V. Larionov, V.N. Lobov, and Jacob W. Kipp; three book reviews of Svechin's original text from the Red Army's Voina i revoliutsiia [War and Revolution]; and a bibliography of Svechin's published works. First published in 1992. Fourth printing 2004.

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